Sunday, 21 July 2013

Oil Painting 3 - Chinatown, San Francisco

Probably the busiest pavements in San Francisco, Grant Street, is never quiet through Chinatown with 24hr bustle.The deliberately 'over the top' oriental architecture, the masses of lanterns, signage and packed street level shops culminate in an intense jigsaw of colour that would translate well into oils.

There seems to be a lot of large street furniture in the US that can be useful to a street painter to tuck in-between and keep the hazardous easel legs, turpentine and oil paint out of the crowds.

I seemed to attract a large number of older generation Chinese men to really intensely study my painting process and spoke with a few fellow painters despite a language barrier. I think there must be an enormous appreciation of craft in this demographic.

The composition i have chosen isn't 'neck-craningly' wide, instead wanting to have the majority of the picture plane filled with Grant St.'s cacophony of colour. Just as you need dark around light to know that it is light, I have brought into the frame quite a plain, spacious sunlit wall on the right as a breather, that highlights the depth and attack on the senses of the main street.

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